Blue Cobra is an Indian Restaruant and Takeaway in Sunderland, serving contemporary Indian Cuisine

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Welcome to Blue Cobra
Contemporary Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

It was not so long ago that most people's awareness of the food from the vast Indian subcontinent consisted solely of curry, invariably chicken, lamb or prawn and depending on the individual palate, the hotter the curry the better. This limited version largely disappeared with the advent of the Tandoori / Karahi cooking and more recent Balti cuisine.

The wealth of the regional variations is also becoming much more apparent. Each region giving its experience by the sheer variety of its own blend of historical and geographical circumstances that have developed at their own speeds and of course influencing their own intensity of the interesting combined flavours of Indian culinary, cooking and spices bringing a distinction in the tastes of its food.

We at Blue Cobra would like to welcome you, your friends, family and business colleagues to sample this great variety of dishes.

Throughout our history, spanning over decades, we firmly believe that the best cooking need not rely on hot spicing but rather on the use of the subtle and often fragrant herbs and spices: The dishes we have on our menu reflect our belief in the freshly cooked and lightly spiced philosophy.

Some of our meals contain nuts - please inform us upon ordering if you are allergic to any ingredients.

You can ask our executive chef to create your own dishes.

Opening Times
5pm - Midnight
Open 7 days a week